About - Timothy Norris


Thank you for taking the time to browse my work. The pictures featured on this site are a small collection of the journey into photography I have taken that has spanned four cameras, six countries and seven years. Half of that time I served as a combat correspondent for the United States Marine Corps.

Photos and videos are the clearest avenue into our past. When taken at the right moment by the skilled artist, they invoke strong memories and keep fresh in our minds the rich history we have as individuals. Relationships, locations, events and the emotions tied to them can all be remembered more clearly through the carefully crafted picture. That is why I strive for the best photo possible.

As a photographer, I have been entrusted with the memories of untold generations. From the family portrait over the mantle to the historical events of journalism at the top of your news feed. These are the memories and the stories that people will remember. It is my duty to give you the best memories possible.

Timothy Norris